Introducing, Cover Art Generator for SoundOn

5 mins get your customized cover art for free!

SoundOn Team
October 14th, 2022

Whether you are a new artist looking to distribute your music for the first time, or an experienced act looking to migrate your catalog, a professional cover art for every single and album you release is always needed. Not only should that artwork look attractive; it also has to meet the visual guidelines of the big streaming platforms if you want your music to stay available online.

The cover you choose, a window into the music therein,plays an essential role in representing your music before someone even clicks “play.” It plays an even more important role now than it did in the physical media days of yore.

Then how to create an eye-catching, professional cover art without putting all the hard work into it or spending a bunch of money? SoundOn is get your back! Follow this super easy( and free of charge) way to design your own cover art.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to build a cover art for your album/track:

1. Select cover generator when uploading your music.

2. Pick several elements - we use emojis to make it more visual to you, and choose a style you like. There are 7 styles, including Glitch Art, Water Painting and so on.

3. Pick a candidate from a pool of generated artworks and you are all set!

4. If you don't like the original generated one, you can also customize for the position of the title/artist, colors, font size etc. at your will.

5. Click "apply“ and you have got a perfect cover for your music with a smooth process within 5 mins!

Here are the most frequently asked questions about cover art requirements.

Most importantly, with the SoundOn cover art generator and guidelines above, we can ensure it passes the standards of the digital platforms and will not be pulled. What are you waiting for? Let's have a try!