TikTok Artist Certification

With a TikTok Certified Artist account, musicians who use TikTok can now showcase and promote their music.

July 3rd, 2023

The Music Tab
List all of the music an artist has uploaded to TikTok in one easy place. New tracks released on TikTok through SoundOn or another music distributor will be automatically added to the music tab, making it simpler than ever for fans to find the tracks they love and create their own videos with the music.

New Release Support
Make song promotion easier than ever with free promotion tools, including 'New Tags' and 'Artist Highlight' to help your releases get noticed.

The 'By Artist' Feature
Highlight the videos created the artist or the fans using the 'By Artist' feature on a track's music page. Selected videos will have a specific tag to identify the pinned video. Showcase your own video or a favorite trend created by the community.

How to get your music tab

  1. Log into your TikTok application
  2. Visit the Creator Tools under your user profile.
  3. Follow the instructions to claim your artist profile. Contact the TikTok support team if you encounter any issues.