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Looking for the Best Online Audio and App Editor?

Audio editing is an essential skill for all musicians and content creators. From recording a track to creating the perfect sound, a goodonline audio editorand aaudio editor appcan make a difference in your creations. In this article we present you the best available options.

The Best Online Audio Editor

There are different online platforms that allow you to edit audio directly from your browser. We compare the best options for offering effective and easy-to-use sound editing tools.

1. Audacity

One of the most popular and open source audio editing tools, Audacity offers a wide range of functions for recording and editing tracks. You can apply effects, adjust volume, normalize audio and more.Audacityis an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

2. Sounding

If you are looking for an online collaborative working environment, Soundation is the audio editor you need. This online platform allows you to work in real time with other users, share tracks and projects. Soundation offers a variety of functions, including MIDI recording, multitrack mixing and audio effects.

3. Advanced audio

Audio is an easy-to-use online audio editing platform that offers a wide variety of audio tools and devices. You can drag and drop effects, modify routing, and automate parameters in real time. Plus, you can save your projects in the cloud to access them from anywhere.

Recopilación de editores de audio online y apps

The Best Audio Editing Apps

If you are looking to edit audio on your mobile device, there are a variety of applications available that allow you to do it easily and accurately. We show you the best options.


Band is one of the most popular music creation and audio editing applications on iOS devices. You can record tracks, apply effects, mix and master your music directly from your iPhone or iPad.Band also supports MIDI devices and allows you to collaborate in real time.

2. WavePad

Available on Android and iOS, WavePad is an easy-to-use audio editing app offering a wide range of tools and effects. You can edit and mix multiple tracks, apply effects such as reverb and equalization, and export your files in different formats. WavePad is ideal for musicians and moving content creators.

3. FL Mobile Studio

The popular music production platform FL Studio is also available in a mobile version for Android and iOS.FL Mobile Studioallows you to create and edit music from your mobile device with a wide range of tools and functions, including virtual instruments, step sequencer and multitrack mixer.

With these online audio editors and apps, creating high-quality music and audio content has never been easier. No matter if you are an experienced musician or an amateur, these editors and audio editing apps will take your creations to the next level.