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Finding Your Way Through the Music Maze: How to Locate a Spotify URI

Spotify is known for its vast selection of songs, albums and podcasts. A seemingly endless abyss of music and audio content. It's quite apparent why so many artists and music enthusiasts flock to the streaming giant.

Perhaps more importantly, Spotify also offers plenty of useful tools for artists to promote their latest work. One such tool is the Spotify URI. This post will discuss a Spotify URI, why it's essential to use it before releasing your song, and exactly where to find it.

What is a Spotify URI & How Can It Be Leveraged?

A Spotify URI, or Unique Resource Indicator, is a customizable code that directly links your music on Spotify’s platform. It differs from a typical URL format - while a URL looks like "," a URI appears as "spotify:artist:id_number." So whether you're an artist or listener, you can easily use this code to share a specific song, album, or profile in apps or messages.

A Spotify URI is a must-have for music creators and promoters as it connects directly to your tracks or albums on the platform. Obtaining this unique identifier allows artists and promoters to share on social media for campaigns, enhances online presence, and makes it easier for fans to share and appreciate the work.

Where Can I Find My Spotify URI?

Finding your Spotify URI is very straightforward, thanks to Spotify's user-friendly interface.

This can be done on any device with the Spotify app or browser. The steps to finding your Spotify URI are as follows:

Navigate to the three dots beside your name, album, or track title.

Click 'Share.'

In the following menu, click 'Copy Spotify URI.'

Alternatively, you can hold down the option key on your Macbook device or the alt key for Windows while hovering your mouse over the 'Share' menu.

Can I get a Spotify URI before releasing my song?

Obtaining a Spotify URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) before your song's release can significantly boost your pre-save campaign and allow fans to connect with your work easier. With SoundOn, acquiring this unique identifier is a streamlined process. After your music has been approved, you'll receive your Spotify URI, located within the generated pre-save link, directly in your email and the "My Releases" section of our artist portal.

This Spotify URI allows fans to pre-save and access your new tracks when they become available. Remember to submit your releases 4-6 weeks before the release date to ensure ample time for successful URI generation and fan outreach. Enhanced with SoundOn's intuitive features, your pre-save campaign will achieve greater listener engagement and anticipation surrounding your upcoming release.

Spotify URIs: The Essential Tool for Music Promotion

Spotify URIs are essential for any artist or music promoter seeking to make their mark in a hyper competitive industry. It unlocks the potential to promote and share your artistry far and wide. Whether you're an artist, label, or promoter, SoundOn ensures you're leveraging the Spotify URI for pre-save campaigns and other promotional opportunities.

Contact SoundOn today to start setting up your campaign and receive your Spotify URI.