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What Are URIs and How Do I Use Them?

Trying to extend your reach as a musical artist can be tricky. With so many streaming platforms on the market, trying to balance distributing and marketing can take time, effort, and know-how. However, there are tools are available to help you more easily upload and market your content from platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and even TikTok. One of the ways that you can make this process easier is by using URIs.
But what are URIs, and why are they so helpful? URIs can make distributing music content from major streaming services easier, so let’s discuss how you can use them to your advantage.

What is a URI?

A URI, also known as a Unique Resource Indicator, identifies the information involved in an individual song, album, or other key music information. Your music has data attached to it that can be painstaking to inform others of this information every time.
If you plan on distributing your songs and linking them to relevant sources, using URIs is the best way to do so. If you are going to find success as an artist, using a URI code streamlines how you can share your content with fans, radio stations, or even websites that might be doing a feature on you.

How Can You Use URIs to Your Advantage?

So, now that you know what a URI is, where do you find this helpful code? The key to using URIs is making them available to people, and you can use URIs through your Artist Profile on major platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music.

How to Access Your Spotify URI

Finding your Spotify URI is fairly simple. Once you have opened the Spotify app, you simply need to click on the ellipses (...) symbol, which can be found next to the track, album, or playlist you would like to have the URI for.
Then, select ‘Share’ and select ‘Copy Spotify URI.’
This URI can then be used to set add your release to all-in-one music distribution platform services, such as SoundOn, in order to properly map your future releases and help to distribute your information to other platforms.

How to Access Your Apple ID for URI Purposes

For Apple Music, your URI is known as an Apple ID or Apple Music Artist ID. This information can be found most easily by opening the Apple Music app or website. From there, click on the apple_icon to the right of your artist name.
Then, select ‘Share’ and ‘Copy Link.’

You can then paste this link into a web browser, and the string of numbers at the end of the link is your Apple Music Artist ID.
Like the Spotify URI, you can use this Apple Music ID to submit a music release to platforms emphasizing global distribution and easy promotional tools.

Interested in Learning More About All-in-One Services for Musicians?

Accessing distribution tools for TikTok and all major streaming services is just a couple of clicks away. With how highly technical the music world has become, services like SoundOn take the guessing game out of distributing music. Learn more about how SoundOn can help you distribute and market your music here.