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How to upload songs to Spotify

With over 70 million songs, Spotify is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Of course, music enthusiasts subscribe to Spotify to enjoy their favorite music. At the same time, artists and creators take advantage of Spotify to distribute their music albums and reach a large audience. Once uploaded, others can stream your music and get entertained. But how will you upload your music to Spotify? SoundOn is the best solution for music artists who have thought of distributing their audio to Spotify users.

Know about SoundOn

SoundOn enables you to upload and distribute your music to TikTok, Spotify, and several other platforms. Currently, it is available in Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, the US, and the UK.

According to TikTok, SoundOn is a comprehensive platform for music distribution and marketing. It is intended to empower emerging and new artists. In the first year, the payout percentage of royalties is 100%. Then, the artists will receive 90% of the royalties. The best fact is that SoundOn is available with different promotional tools.

How to use SoundOn to upload music to Spotify

Log in to SoundOn and get access

The most important step for using SoundOn is to create an account. You have to visit the official website and access the home page. You will find the Join Now button and create your account. You may navigate to the login bar if you have already opened your SoundOn account.
New users should register their SoundOn accounts first. Before logging in, you can check the FAQ, blog, cookie policy, and other details.

Onboarding the new user

After logging in as a newly registered user, the platform will automatically direct you to a different page for role selection. Select the right option from the artist section. The page gives you a space to select the artist's role and personal information. You may also save the details temporarily. SoundOn allows you to confirm the address details. After entering the information, you have to hit the submit button of the pop-up window and confirm. You may also modify your details before submitting them.

Make a contract

After submission of your details, you will reach another page for signing the agreement. When the email address is confirmed, you have to click on the option- Create a License Agreement. You will then find an Overview page and some prompts to instruct you on signing the contract.
Access the email and hit the option- View doc.
On the right corner of the page, you have to click on the Continue button.
So, these are some steps for signing an agreement. Your signing status should be synchronized with the backend using DocuSign. You will automatically reach the signing completion page.
There is another blue prompt for manual synchronization of the status. You cannot upload an album or single music until you have signed the contract.

Upload your music

Hit the Upload button and upload your album or a single piece of music. If you want to distribute only one song, you can select the option Single Song. After providing the details, you can confirm your submission.
In this step, you will find an option for selecting the platform where you like to distribute your music. As you have chosen Spotify, you can make the right selection. It will then direct you to another confirmation page. However, you may return to the previous page to modify your details. After confirmation, the page shows metadata. You will also be able to check your personal information, account balance, and releases. When everything is done, you can log out of your account.


The review process starts as you have already submitted your personal details, signed a contract, and uploaded music. Reviewers will check 3 main things-

  • Album
  • Music
  • Your personal details

When your music album has passed the review, you will be successful in the onboarding process. After accessing the dashboard, you can manage your music tracks. If there is no permission, you can hit the link to apply.


How much should I pay to distribute my music through Spotify using SoundOn?

SoundOn lets you upload your song free of cost. However, Spotify has free and premium versions. You will find different options depending on the membership levels you have chosen. Free users have limited functionalities. For example, they will gain the ability to select a playlist or an album on shuffle. With the premium account, you will earn more revenue. Your payment rate will vary with your location, account type, and some other details.
Why should you choose SoundOn to upload your album to Spotify?
If you have uploaded your music album through SoundOn, you will have audience-insight details on TikTok. SoundOn’s team will also help you with free music promotion and editorial placement. Besides, you will be able to use exclusive features. You may add a separate music tab to your TikTok profile. Your songs will be organized in a single place, and the target audience will find them easily. However, the biggest advantage is that you can send a verification request.
Why should you consider verification?
After uploading your music through SoundOn, you can request the team to verify your profile. A blue checkmark indicates that your profile is verified. Verification will help you boost engagement. It is also true for other social media platforms like Instagram. You can measure engagement by the number of shares, comments, and likes. Social media users always like to trust verified creators. As a musician, you will earn credibility and grow your business fast. More audiences will respond to your music or music video.


Our brief guide will help you upload your music to Spotify using SoundOn. SoundOn has already become a player in the current music distribution industry. TikTok seems to bring a transformation in the industry by introducing SoundOn. So, create your SoundOn account and distribute your album.