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How Can I Get a Verified Spotify Artist Profile

Key Takeaways:
Spotify’s verified artist feature gives you access to your music analytics while increasing your artist reach worldwide.
In this post, we’ll look at what it means to have a verified Spotify artist profile, how to get one, and an alternative to this streaming platform.
Let’s dive right into it.

How to Get A Spotify for Artist Profile

Follow the steps below to sign up for a Spotify Verified Artist Profile.
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click “Get Access” in the top right corner
Step 3. Search for your artist profile in the “Claim An Artist Profile” search bar. *Or copy and paste your artist URL to claim.
Step 4. Wait for your request to be accepted.
Step 5. Once accepted, your profile gets the verified checkmark, and you’ll get access to your audience data.
Get verified to start customizing your Spotify Artist profile.

Bonus Tip:
Ensure you are logged out of your Spotify account before trying the steps above. Being signed into your Spotify account will prevent you from claiming your artist page.
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What Does it Mean To Have A Verified Spotify Artist Profile?

Spotify For Artists is a service offered by the streaming platform that allows artists to take control of their Spotify profile and access tools to improve their online streaming presence. The service is available on the Spotify website and as an iOS/Android app.
Spotify shows listeners that artists are who they say they are with a blue tick or checkmark. Artists who access "Spotify for Artists" automatically gain verification status on the platform.
A Verified Spotify Artist Profile adds credibility to you as an artist and ensures listeners can trust your profile.

Who Can Be a Verified Spotify Artist?
Spotify Artist Profile verification is available to every artist on the platform. There are no follower requirements or other barriers to entry. It's easy to get signed up and offers many opportunities for up-in-coming artists.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Verified Artist?
Promoting your music on Spotify is much easier with a verified profile. It's so helpful that most labels recommend securing verification as a significant first step for artists.
The following are many benefits of becoming a verified artist on the platform.

Boosts Credibility
Both fans and playlist curators alike prefer artists who are verified.

Exclusive Access
The Spotify for Artists feature is only available for verified artists. It allows you to edit your profile, add pictures, set up tour dates, pitch to be on curator's playlists, pin an album, song, or playlist to the top of your profile, leverage analytics on your music, and enjoy access to many other features.

Will I Get Paid As A Verified Artist on Spotify?

Regarding royalties, Verified Artists on Spotify do not receive royalties from the company. The music distributor or label determines any royalties an artist enjoys.
There are two kinds of royalties earned on Spotify:
-Recording Royalties—This is money owed to the rights holders for recordings streamed on the platform. This is paid to artists via the licensor who delivers the music, usually the record label.
-Publishing Royalties—This is money owed to songwriters or owners who write a particular composition. These are issued to collecting societies and mechanical agencies and published based on the territory's use.
Whether the song is played through ad-supported streaming or premium, royalties are earned.
However, they do calculate what they call “streamshare," which is the total number of streams in a given month to determine which portion of those streams were people listening to music owned by a particular rightsholder.
While it's commonly believed that Spotify pays artists on a per-play or per-stream rate, they actually distribute those royalty payments once a month according to the agreement with the record label or distributor.
Because Spotify is not aware of the agreements between artists and their labels, they do not know precisely how much artists are paid for their individual streams.
The net revenue from Premium subscription fees and ads is subtracted from tax payments, credit card processing fees, billing, and sales commissions.
Learn more about Spotify’s royalty process here.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Verified Artist Profile on Spotify?

Once you sign up to be a Spotify-verified artist, you'll need to wait at least 3-4 weeks for it to be official. Spotify doesn't list any specific response time, but most artists receive verification within this time.
You can also claim your artist page through Spotify's preferred providers, reducing the time you wait for verification. Most artists enjoy instant verification when using a third-party provider for the process.

Why Am I Not Verified On Spotify?
If you don’t have a blue checkmark next to your name or on your Spotify profile, that means you are not yet verified.
Go through the steps above one by one to get access to Spotify for Artists. Previous requirements, like having at least 250 followers on your profile, are no longer required for artist verification.
The process is straightforward and comes without many hurdles to overcome.