Pre-Save & Smart Links: Make Sharing Your Music with Fans Easier

How to create your Pre-Save/Smart Link with SoundOn

July 3rd, 2023

Reach your audience faster by creating a Pre-Save and Smart Link for your upcoming release. Smart Links allow artists to share a single URL to promote their track to every streaming service through a simple, easy to read landing page. Artists can share these links to their social media to encourage fans to save their tracks to their preferred DSPs, add the tracks to a playlist, and be the first to listen to an upcoming release. There are typically two types of SmartLinks:

  1. Pre-Save links promote a track ahead of time, encouraging fans to save the track to their DSP of choice. Pre-Save links can be shared via the link in bio on an artist's TikTok profile , or other social media and can be a great way to drive traffic to an upcoming release, inline with the pre-release clip on TikTok.
  2. Smart Links (also known as Out Now links) promote a track once it is live on different platforms. Pre-Save links generated on SoundOn automatically become converted to Smart Links / Out Now Links once a track reaches its release date.

Some ways that artists can leverage their Smart Links could be by sharing a link on their social media profiles, the official website, or sending it via any artist newsletter or other communications. The links can also provide detailed analytics about the audience who is engaging with the track, the breakdown by DSP and via other channels.

How to create your Pre-Save/Smart Link with SoundOn

  1. Your Pre-Save/Smart Link will be automatically generated when you distribute a release with SoundOn.
  2. When the link is ready, you will receive an email with the link information.
  3. Check your Pre-Save/Smart Link on your 'My Releases' page to copy the link and get advanced analytics information.