Pitching Your Music to DSPs

How to make the most out of SoundOn's pitching portal

July 3rd, 2023

As a musician, your job goes beyond creating excellent music. You also need to market and promote your music effectively to make it a success. But before you can start promoting your music, it's important to provide context about your music to SoundOn or any other music promotion team you may be working with.

Providing insight about your music helps to establish your brand, creates a marketing plan that fits your brand and goals, and provides insights into your creative process. When you provide background, you give your music the best chance of success.

How to use SoundOn's pitching portal
Pitching songs to music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music can be a great way for artists to gain exposure and grow their fan base. SoundOn's pitching portal is specifically designed to help artists pitch their songs to the popular music streaming service. In order to increase the likelihood of success, there are certain requirements that artists need to fulfill when submitting their music for consideration.

The first requirement is a detailed track background. This should include information about who you are as an artist, what inspired you to create the track, and when it was written and produced. You should also explain what makes your track unique. The more information you can provide about your track, the easier it will be for SoundOn to understand why and where it can be positioned within promotional efforts.

The next requirement is liner notes. This is where you can highlight any achievements you have had as an artist. Include any awards, nominations, or notable performances that you have had in the past. This information can help Spotify, Apple Music and other DSPs a better understand your track and the potential audience for it.

A marketing plan is another important requirement. This should outline what you are doing to promote your release, including any social media or TikTok content you plan to create, your advertising budget and plan, any planned publicity, and your touring schedule. Additionally, it is important to provide a timeline for your plans for the next 3 months, including any upcoming shows or other releases. This can help SoundOn determine the potential success of your track and how they can best support you in the future.

In addition to the above requirements, it is also important to provide track media links, such as press images (in JPEG format), Artwork, press releases, and lyrics. These links can help SoundOn better understand your track and promote it.

In conclusion, pitching songs to DSPs through SoundOn's pitching portal can be a great way for artists to gain exposure and grow their fan base. By fulfilling the above requirements, artists can increase their chances of success and help DSPs better understand their music and audience for placements. So if you're an aspiring artist looking to get your music heard, be sure to follow these guidelines when submitting your music to SoundOn.